Ordering Your Necklace


You can email Tom Adams at tomadamsmail@aol.com, or call him directly at  860-350-8959, to begin the process.

We will have a short phone consultation to answer any questions that you may have. Plus, we will discuss your specific intentions for your Custom Healing Necklace.


You can share any personal issues that you’d like to address, for example, health issues, help with prosperity, relationships, work etc.


If you prefer not to order by phone – you can simply email with your specific intentions.

The process continues with Malou looking at your energy field very clearly through distant viewing. When the causes and conditions come together, and are aligned in the proper moment, Malou will choose the gemstones specific to your healing necklace. We ask your patience as this can take up to 4-6 weeks


Once Malou has selected the specific gemstones for your necklace, Tom crafts them into your Custom Healing Gemstone Necklace. There can be some variation in the length of the necklace depending upon how many gemstones are included, or if you mentioned a specific preference to the length. The necklaces are generally between 19"-21”.  Lastly, the necklace is further energetically charged with the use of a specially designed crystal healing energy matrix. Your necklace is then packaged and shipped.


The price for these necklaces is $175 USD. This includes the consultation, intuitive energy reading, assembly, completed gemstone necklace, and shipping.

Please note: Your PayPal invoice will read EHA Dharmagoods.

About Us

Tom Adams has a BA in Psychology and is a healer, medical intuitive, counselor and teacher who has studied and practiced spiritual teachings for over thirty years. Tom – a gifted healer, medical intuitive and counselor/teacher – is comfortable and experienced in long-distance healing with clients all over the United States and around the world (by phone, skype and the internet).


Tom teaches and helps others to realize absolute awareness, the one true source of healing, which underlies the relative appearance of pain, disease and suffering. People have become free of their physical, mental and emotional suffering as well as the underlying causes of their suffering through his assistance and counseling - ultimately resulting in greater health and harmony in all levels of their lives. Tom lives in New Milford, Connecticut with his wife Katherine.

Malou Dusyn is a psycho-spiritual counselor, energy healer and life coach. She is the founder of Menla Holistic Health Center in Hartford and Avon, CT.


Malou’s healing approach helps to radically transform diseases, illnesses, injuries and emotional trauma. She guides clients to release long-held, negative belief patterns, replacing the old thoughts with new, life affirming beliefs in order to change the cycle of emotional pain and disease. Malou offers a compassionate, kind touch that puts her clients at ease and helps them tap into their full potential. Blending her sense of humor with her deep intuition, Malou guides clients along a path of personal, spiritual growth and self-awareness.


Disclaimer: The gemstone necklaces sold on our website are not intended to be used as a medical substitute.



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healingnecklace.com © 2018 & Continuing,

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healingnecklace.com © 2018 & Continuing,

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New Milford CT 06776